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  2. Psychotherapy


    "The longest journey, we have to make is the one from head to heart. To truly be in service to people, we also must go on return journey – from heart to head, so that our thoughts, words and actions become the medicine for others. ."
    Don Oscar Miro-Quesada w "Old wisdom for new times"

    On this path you will encounter different events, which at first will appear as obstacles: problems in relations, arguments, conflicts, loneliness, difficulties with work or money. Additionally you may experience sudden illness, burdensome psychical symptoms, as well as internal conflicts and dilemmas.

    Thank to psychotherapy you can not only look for a way to deal with these difficulties, but also look at them as guideposts standing on your path from head to heart. You can start discovering the meaning behind all kinds of happenings, and begin solving conflicts standing behind them. In this way you may follow your life path.


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    The journey to your inner Self doesn’t need to be lonely. It also doesn’t need to be limited to just therapist’s help because it can be done in a group environment. I am encouraging to participate in self development and discovery themed based workshops or group processes. Among other participants you can widen your consciousness in the area of the workshop subject, get to know yourself better and your resources also learn how to handle your restrictions in patterns of behavior. Presence of people with different experiences, discoveries and conclusions, enriches also you. It often happens that in a group environment some things are resolving faster and easier. You may also benefit from developing skills of functioning in group. You will find the list of current available workshops at….