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Mateusz Ostrowski

Since the beginning of my youth I was wondering: why people don’t do what they want? And why they do what they don’t want to. It took me a long time to find the answer, until 2004 when I found process oriented psychology. The effect of further searches lead me to become processwork therapist. I have completed Diploma Training in the Institute of Process Oriented Psychology.  I have the authority to run therapy sessions and work with groups under the supervision and within the framework of further study program. I am a member of Polish Psychotherapy Association and Coaches of Process Oriented Psychology. For many years now, I have been working on my own self development using techniques of psychotherapy, meditation and bodywork.

I conduct individual and couples therapy, as well as workshops of self development. I am particularly interested in psychology of money, time, love, racial prejudice, creativity, movement work, exploration of meditation and spiritual experiences. I am also a business coach. I am running workshops preparing for public and media speaking as well as communication in business and psychology of money.

I love sea, travels to East, reading and watching si-fi movies.