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Consciousness in the pocket

Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver - wrote Ayn Rand. And people use that tool in a very different way, becauce they have different belief systems and patterns of how to deal with money. You can explore that on my workshop about psychology of money.

Even if you may know what to do with your money problems, introducing changes in your life is not easy. Why? Becasue it is not only about economy. Psychology has also a lot to do with your financial decisions. In the worksop we will work using process oriented psychology to discover psychic patterns which influence your financial situation. This konwledge and consciousness will help you deal with financial problems and make good economic decisions.


Saturday, 9.09, 10.00-18.00 (there will be a lunch break)

Location: Kraków, Psychological Center "Do Źródła", ul. Św. Kingi 5/1 

Price: 140 zł
Early birds: 120 zł (paid till 20.08)

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Mateusz Ostrowski Psychoterapia 
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- phone: 661 412 420

Mateusz Ostrowski, psychotherapist, previously an economic journalist. He completed the first phase of training at the Institute of Process Psychology and has the right to work using the psychology of the process under supervision. As a journalist for over a dozen years, he dealt primarily with financial education in the press, television, radio and the Internet.

Supervision: Joanna Dulińska