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With Arnold Mindell on Worldwork 2014 in Warsaw

Process Oriented Psychology (in Poland also called POP) is a psychotherapy method created in 1970’s by Arnold Mindell and still developing until today. The roots go back to psychology methods of Carl Gustav Jung, modern physics, Taoism teachings, native traditions around the globe and the learning from the shamanic practices. POP is engaged in human problems, it is the same as other schools of therapy. Relational problems, difficulties at work, stress, troubles with physical health as well as psychical, addictions, dreams - it is all the area within the method. Sometimes is goes beyond what other schools are offering, like working with coma or extreme states of consciousness. Working with process allows you to look closer at the disturbing phenomena in life, trying to understand it's meaning and receive the message they carry. It gives us a chance to connect with the parts of our psyche, which are unconscious or we are in conflict with. The effect of it can be that the relation to it can be less problematic and we and our life become richer.  POP clearly takes into the account that the world and culture have influence on the behavior of the unit.