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Psychotherapy from greek means “ healing of the soul”. If you are feeling that life overwhelms you, perhaps you are standing at the crossroads, encountering difficulties in solving problems, I am inviting you for a session.

How does it look like?

Therapeutic session ordinarily happen once a week and takes 50 minutes. It’s not an ordinary chat,  therapeutic techniques enable you to explore deeper parts of the psyche. 

For whom?

I work with individuals but also with couples. It means not only hetero or homosexual partners, but also relations between friends, co-workers, or family members.


Individual session: 250 PLN

Couples: 300 PLN 

Individual clients living abroad: 60 EUR


At my work I am guided by Ethical Codex of Polish Association of Psychotherapists and Coaches of Process Oriented Psychology. My work is under regular supervision and consultation on the direction of my work with clients, progress and obstacles which are occurring during the therapy session. My supervisor is Michał Duda from the Institute of Process Oriented Psychology.  



When it’s worth to try psychotherapy?

- you are going through life crisis: death of loved one, separation, divorce, serious illness

- you are feeling lack of sense of life

- you are burden by physical symptoms, especially the one diagnosed by a doctor as psychosomatic

- you would like to deal better with your overwhelming emotions

- your moods vary from depression to anxiety

- you have difficulties in relations

- your past is hunting you

- feeling lack of life satisfaction

- you suffer from low self esteem

- you would like understand yourself better and live your life fully